from by Hot Monarchy



A song about dreams and stuff.


Cuddle down
Singing to a man we know
Be his blessing
Watch his children fall asleep again

Treat yourself to a nightly drama
Analyze where the cast has gone
Blank canvas paper on a lily white
Face of dark

Come home to say nothing but a little goodmorning
Whose house is this? I've earned this stay.
What are we going to do when the town's gone
When a goddamn wave knocks your kids our of public school
Your sleep is over

What would you think if I woke you up
Was unsympathetic?
Said your goals were synthetic,
Media-made and pathetic?

I think that you'd think you were right I was wrong
Pessimist all along
With a jaw not as strong

This will be your only job.
Your only friends and only kids you'll ever know
Until you fall asleep


from Belle Vue, released May 25, 2012




Hot Monarchy Charlotte, North Carolina

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