from by Hot Monarchy



Driving to country home at the end of the hour
Stuck back in time on the edge of a clock tower
Giving the roadkill names
Hoping the sun falls

And you held me like your house burnt down
And I was a firefighter
End your pointless need for the daily mail
All you need to know is I am here

Trying to soak up some earth
Worth more than going the distance
Back and forth and back
The day's gone who's left to talk to you now

And I held you like my house burnt down
And you were a firefighter
I can see the blue blood on your hands
On your hands

The undertow will be the easy
It's wonderful that I can get me here
Underwater the shades of grey swim from ear to ear
Sunk to the botton playing business with the bottom of your soon fear
Remembrance is meant to drown, hope that I dry off.

Not that I want strength to hold me here
Not after this at least


from Belle Vue, released May 25, 2012




Hot Monarchy Charlotte, North Carolina

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